March 28th, 2012


1. Virtue - Moir

2. Davis - White

3. Weaver - Poje

This has been a long season. Not so spectacular, since the best weren’t at their best, but interesting because of all the news: new couples (please oh please Gilles-Porier-Dean and Chock-Bates, just go on!) and revelations (Cappellini-Lanotte, Weaver-Poje). 
I couldn’t put Anna and Luca on the podium but I’m truly happy with their improvement, I can almost see it step by step, their FD is moving and their latin SD is, by far, the best in terms of ballroom moves after Virtue and Moir. I also enjoy their acting a lot, Italians do it better.
Third place: why Weaver and Poje instead of the Shibutanis or Pechalat and Bourzat? Skipping the babies because I can’t find anything interesting in their programs, Pechalat and Bourzat would be favourites because they’re the home athletes, they were very brave deciding to compete in spite of Nat’s injury and they’re still waiting for their bronze medal since last year’s mess (poor things, Chaplin was an adorable FD). But, still, their FD is nice and original, and I admit at the beginning of the season it was the funniest one but, as I predicted, it is also the one I got tired of more quickly. It is not the “Chris Dean” kind of original, with superhuman quality. It is “just” original, really fast and well done but with the risk of becoming freak.
The main reason, however, is not others’ fault but Weaver and Poje great job. I simply love what Camerlengo and Krylova have done with them. Year after year I liked them more and more, their lines (thanks Anjelika) and the original choreographies (thanks Pasquale) (couldn’t they train Cappellini-Lanotte too?) and now I adore their programs, the SD is so funny (TIGERPRINT RULEZ) and the FD is breathtaking and makes me cry and dance and they’re the cutest and I demand them to win the bronze. Please.

Gold is a subject for 
aut Virtue-Moir aut Davis-White: the competition has been close, not always entertaining, I could summarize it with: “DW: exciting, not so complex” VS “VM: complex, not so exciting”.
I still prefer Virtue and Moir. Their SD cannot be compared with DW’s one (which is athletic and amusing but not so danced, and not so latin). The FD is sophisticated, both in the choice of the music and the choreography, and the jazz rhythm is more tricky, more challenging. They have more refinement and control in their moves, with better transitions, edges and postures. The final product, as for D&W, is beautiful, not as exciting as some of the old routines but I suppose also the best need some relax for a year.
Die Fledermaus has an easier rhythm, in an ice dance perspective: the music carries you, basically Strauss is doing all the dancing for you. Every second is busy here, which isn’t always a good thing in ice dance, when you have to tell a story more than just being fast. I prefer DW with more drama, more passion and I hope they haven’t given up the whole La Strada idea, because I think it suits them a lot.

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